Karima Sharabi

Ear Cuff - "Whispering Crane"

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“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” -Rumi

  هناك صوت لا يستخدم كلمات. اسمع

This stunning sculptural piece curves gracefully and comfortably around the top of your ear.  The arching crane’s neck and beak is formed from the letter Alif, the first letter in the Arabic word for “Listen”, while and the rest of the quote is found within the little pendants that fall gracefully in line with the wearer’s neck.  The crane, a bird associated with water and connected the divine, is reminding us to always listen to our silent and powerful inner voice regardless of the storm of thoughts and judgments that swirl around us.

Cast silver ear cuff with a choice of white rhodium plating or gold vermeil plating (feathers not included)